Simon Birch and Norman Routledge discuss the roof and progress at the church.

Simon Birch, Chairman of the Bristol Civic Society, has had an interest in St. Michael on the mount church for many years now. Please listen to the conversation on YouTube with him and Norman Routledge who is restoring the church. This was Simon's first time up on the roof and I managed to catch them both back on the ground floor.

Photographs of the church and roof have been laid over for you to see what is going on. The photographs of the actual roof and aerial views are left on for longer as not many are going to get the chance to go up there..or indeed want to.

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Lead valley gutters on the roof

The heat of the fire in October 2016 was of such intensity that the steel girders were compromised and much damaged caused to the roof. One essential re-make this week has been the lead valley gutters